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Concept: helping you develop that general concept into a realistic road map, supported by preliminary research and basic feasibility studies.

Deployment: name registration to secure the name(s) of your choice along with appropriate hosting, advert free webspace for a site's development . According to the complexity of any given project it can be completed either 'in house' or outsourced to various design and technical partners.

Maintenance: from an annual report to complex database driven sites with dedicated webmasters and back office support we can supply the right people to maintain your site.They deliver professional and quick turnaround updates, log clearance, file replacement, routine backups and the likes and will be there as your first point of contact on a day to day basis

Promotion: A website is redundant unless it receives traffic. Our promotion methods areattention grabbing, quirky and innovative. Apart from using standard methods of search / directory submissions we offer a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke ways of generating the return on investment that your site demands.

In house Projects: We are actively involved in web-development for our own publishing network, investing time, money and energy into the creation of engaging sites that generate revenue and are self financing.

Project Partnerships: We like working with creative people who have ideas and want support whilst keeping hold of the intellectual property rights of their project.

Consulting and Research: If you require on-site or email based consulting this can be arranged at our prevailing rates, subject to availability. For those unsure about how to move into the internet we offer introductory assessment and advice sessions. This includes name and holding page where required.




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