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Digital Freedom Limited is incorporated in England and Wales as a private limited company with Co Reg # 4866919. Registered with the ICO #Z9728245

Enquiries, Invoices, Sales and Support - please see the 'Contact Us' page or get in touch with your existing client manager. Registered Mail for the Company Secretary should be sent to our registered address

Digital Freedom Limited, 109 Trent Rd, Shaw, Oldham. OL27QH United Kingdom

Digtal Freedom Ltd uses the Natwest Bank, UK plus PayPal for online payment processing of smaller amounts. Digital Freedom Ltd is not currently required to be registered for or charge VAT.

Digital Freedom Ltd is committed to compliance with UK and EU requirements for implementing effective Equal Opportunities, Accessibility, Data Protection, Anti 'Spam' and Privacy policies.

Our talents and services are based on sound knowledge of various technical, administrative, advertising, promotion and marketing, creative, imaging, audio visual, and content / sector specific areas. Our sales and price point philosophy is simple. We won't offer you 'snake oil' or sell you things you don't need and we don't charge a bundle for our services. You don't pay a fortune and your customers won't foot the bill!

Latest Release

June 2009 : The global economic downturn may have seen some of our upstream providers disappearing from the webhosting market but our network and most of its customers are still well and truly open for business. Our budget hosting packages, starter websites, cheap domain names and affordable consultations offer great value for money to the cost conscious trader. As the crunch bites and shoppers become less impulsive, many merchants will have found that they have to make their advertising work a lot harder before converting into a sale in today's harsh financial climate. That's where our years of experience and research can help out. We can offer managed PPC/PPM ad campaigns through sites such as eBay, Facebook and Google aswell as targeted brand exposure and quality traffic from our own 77ads network, all at extremely competitive rates. Our own publishing network keeps us on our toes with developments in the SEM, SEO and Affiliate Marketing arenas aswell as the technical requirements of running a distributed network. If you are looking for a desirable domain, we also have a portfolio of hundreds of great names across many business areas and one may be perfect for you and your next marketing campaign.


August 2003 : Incorporation. To consolidate various chunks of 3rd party webspace hosting assorted private and commercial sites, free multi-user areas and non-trading research / content orientated websites operated by the company's founding directors, friends and associates and to offer bespoke site hosting, name management and online marketing services.

Incorporation to present : Continued research and activity centred on domain names, SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, active promotion including Google Adwords, alternative promotion methods, search engine and web ranking technology, 'spam' monitoring and similar areas. Various commercially commisioned research / data gathering or advisory services tailored to individual projects. Our founding team have worked with IP & DNS, naming and addressing, built and hosted webpages and registered domain names since 1999. UK Mobile internet network technology experience dating back to 2000. Network design and assembly experience on P2P and server based networks since 2000 plus 9yrs+ experience of Cobalt RaQ and many other Linux based webservers' GUIs, OS flavours and associaited Open Source developments. We have used the internet and been in involved in web development since the mid 90s, from the academic to the commercial environment. We believe in ethical and sustainable business development and strategic mutually beneficial alliances that can bring about an increase in the scope, skills and services that the network can both draw upon and offer.




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