Login should normally be performed at an individual project's appropriate server or development space. Below, however, are the most common current access points for stijlnet hosting and developer domains

Self managed names & US Hosting via Box77 Direct - US based Wild West Domains Reseller store - box77direct.com

Managed names, site webmail, Partners and Resellers - box77.net or dev.box77.net

UKBox77RS Hosting Space : Nameservers should be set to ns.heartinternet.co.uk and ns2.heartinternet.co.uk - cp.box77.info

UK RS Hosting Space : Nameservers should be set to ns45.eukdns.com and ns46.eukdns.com - : stijlnet.info/cpanel

UK Dev. Space : Bulk, Dev. and Freespace - Registrar's / Agent's nameservers should be used and DNS A record set accordingly - cp.stijlhost.co.uk


Please Note:

i) Box77.net and stijlnet.com central client logins, ids and passwords shown on your invoice are different from FTP and Mail login and passwords. Simple FTP hosting accounts may not have configuration privileges or client ID

ii) As a distributed network not all developers or partners may find their domain accessible via the links on the left. If in doubt please contact the appropriate stijlnet.com partner responsible for your domain

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