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Welcome to, the online home of Digital Freedom Ltd. Set up in 2003, Digital Freedom Ltd operates an Internet Publishing and Marketing network and offers associated Consultancy Services. We are primarily involved in web development coming up with innovative solutions for in-house or client projects, potentially lucrative niche markets and commercial partners. From concept, through research, design, testing, deployment and maintenance, right up to promotion and marketing, we can help you put together the right team and services for your web based project. We are registered in the UK and can offer various levels of domain name hosting and promotion by drawing on years of experience within technology industries and related fields.

We currently hold a core portfolio of industry specific domain names and trade in popular gTLDs and ccTLDs. We speak DNS, LAMP, RSS, SEM, PPC, PPM, AM, CPA, SEO and PR but most of all we're always trying to maximise any project's ROI. Clients are managed by Mike Goodyear's New Media Research and Publishing consultancy and merchant budgets can be tailored to the SME or sole trader. Solid research and practical advice on the possibilities of Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Auction Listings and Affiliate Marketing can help increase not only your online presence but also your customer numbers, sales and bottom line profits. We are able to work with people in a range of capacities, including content provision, marketing and publishing support through to consultancy and project partneships and we both use and offer a comprehensive range of partner services. High Speed LAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, VPN, and the arrival of 3G have finally put a flexible, effective and near wireless dream within reach. We work on the move and constantly test our services 'in the field' . So you need to FTP in from one of the Greek islands via laptop-mobile hook up. No problem. Believe us; we've been doing it for a decade!

Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud?
Clients now have access to a wide range of scaleable hosting options from various networks around the globe. Bespoke and customised solutions.

June 2012
We're currently undertaking a full network review and bidding adieu to some of our obsolete domains and services in order to concentrate on key growth areas.

2012 Summer Schedule
Summer 2012 consultancy will be confined to scheduled online meetings, calls and onsite appointments. June 1st - Nov 15th occasional office hours TBA.

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