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CPA Affiliate Marketing Services

stijlnet.com has carried affiliate ads on its network and generated revenue for advertisers since 2005. We have worked with numerous companies over the years. With a keen undertsanding of the industry and the fast-paced issues surrounding it, we offer research, consulting, advice, liaison and quasi-agency services relating to the affiiliate marketing industry and its many CPA programmes.

Our own publishing network is content based and carries ads that convert. Placements on our sites have been a factor in sales for many well known advertisers including Ancestry, Amazon, eBay, Go Daddy, Manos Holidays, Olympic Holidays, Sunshine, Thomson Holidays plus numerous other retailers and service providers.

For merchant and agency liaison, we are normally contactable via message at A4U. We are able to market and carry ads from merchants across many networks and are happy to work with a number of respected AM agencies. We can only consider in-house programmes where we already have an existing relationship with the merchant or agency. In certain circumstances we may be able to offer a partner or client a range of hybrid direct-to-merchant PPC, PPM and CPA performance based campaigns. Marketing for our own sites or direct-to-merchant traffic may include our own ads network plus search engine, social network and auction site ads.

We do not operate any incentive, discount-code or cashback sites, although we are always willing to consider including any time-sensitive or unique and improved offer that you may be able to give specifically to our sites' visitors.


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